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Geography and climate in Dodoma

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Dodoma is the modern capital of Tanzania, the administrative center of the province of the same name.

As the capital of Dodoma has existed since 1993. From the former capital - the city   Dar es Salaam moved all government bodies, in particular the legislative assembly. The residence of the President of Tanzania was also moved to the new capital.

The city's population is about 320 thousand people.

The city is built on a low-lying area - the savanna, which affected the local flora and fauna. Literally when leaving the city, you can meet wild animals.

You can get to Dodoma by air, the city has a small airport that accepts only domestic flights. Flights may be canceled during the rainy season. Direct flights between Russia and Tanzania have not been established, all flights from Moscow come with transfers. The only international airport acceptable for travelers from Russia is in the former capital of Dar es Salaam. From there it will already be possible to take a direct flight to Dodoma.

Alternatively, you can use the railway transport from Dar es Salaam, there is a comfortable train that will take you to Dodoma in a couple of hours without any stops.

From motor transport the most acceptable option is intercity regular buses. Flights are daily with short waiting times. The only complaint is that the quality of Tanzanian roads leaves much to be desired.

Time zone: GTM +3 (minus 1 hour from Moscow time).


The city is located in the central part of the country, which in turn, in terms of climatic conditions, is more related to the southern region of Tanzania. The zone in which Dodoma is located is subequatorial. The type of climate in this zone is monsoon. The weather is usually dry and hot, however, during the rainy season, the relative humidity rises significantly.

The hottest month is January. The average monthly temperature is + 26 ° С in the shade, but there are often cases when the temperature rises to + 35 ° С during the day.

The coldest month, as it should be for the territory of the southern hemisphere, is July. During the day, the temperature can stay at +26 ° C, but July nights in Dodoma are not particularly warm. The night norm here at this time: +15 ° С.

Despite the fact that that the rainy season in Dodoma lasts from November to March, the wettest here are 3 winter months from December to February, the average monthly precipitation is 15-200 mm. Drought may occur from May to September, and the rains stop altogether, however, each year the timing of drought changes and is impossible to predict. On average, from April to October, the monthly rainfall is 50-80 mm.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Dodoma.Geography and climate in Dodoma

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