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Dodoma. Recreation and entertainment

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Sightseeing and entertainment

One of the main architectural attractions of Dodoma is the Presidential Residence - a low building made in the 19th century. The history of this building is interesting, until 1993 it was located in the former capital of Tanzania - Dar es Salaam, however, with the decision to transfer the capital, the Residence was carefully dismantled literally brick by brick, and disassembled was moved to Dodoma. In Dodoma, the Residence was already rebuilt.

At the beginning of the 20th century, as a result of the First World War, German soldiers were sent to Tanzania (then still a British colony) as laborers and builders. Such builders also built the building of the modern railway station. An interesting building of white stone has an unusual rounded shape.

The presence of Indian pilgrims in the country has left a reminder in the form of the most beautiful Sikh Temple. This trend of Hinduism is one of the most numerous around the world, its adherents number about thirty million. The temple in Dodoma is also unique because its parish is mainly made up of pilgrims from India and other Asian countries. The gurus looking behind the temple welcome every person who walks inside and treats everyone to tea with sweet treats, in the local dialect these treats are called"prasad".


Of modern culturally significant buildings, Geological Museum, already founded by local geologists at the expense of the administration of independent Tanzania.

Christian shrines are represented by two large temples - the Catholic Cathedral and the Anglican Church. The dark-skinned priests conducting services in Latin look especially colorful.

In most travel companies, Dodoma is noted as an intermediate city on a trip to Tanzania, which has no special cultural value. However, this city still attracts a certain category of tourists. The fact is that literally on the outskirts of the city begins Kissingo - one of the few reserves in Africa where hunting is officially allowed. It is worth noting that this pleasure is not cheap, it is necessary to purchase a number of licenses, including for carrying weapons. Hunting, among other things, is paid according to the time spent on the territory of the reserve. The average price for one killed animal is $ 1500-2000. Here they hunt for buffaloes, hippos, lions, leopards, antelopes, zebras and gazelles. Each hunting trophy can become a serious obstacle during customs control when leaving the country.


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Topic: Dodoma. Recreation and entertainment.Dodoma. Recreation and entertainment

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