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Geography and Climate in Kutna Hora

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Kutna Hora is a small but well-known Czech town throughout Europe, located almost in the geographical center of the country. Once Kutna Hora was one of the main centers of silver mining and production in Europe, but since the 17th century the city's importance has changed, and people began to come here exclusively as a place of rest. The population of Kutna Hora is about 20 thousand people, the low birth rate and the constant outflow of young people to the larger cities of the country lead to a gradual decrease in the population.

Russia currently has no direct communications with Kutna Hora, since the city's size does not allow it to have its own airport, and the local train and bus stations only accept domestic flights.

The most acceptable option to get to the city is by train from Prague, The Czech capital runs comfortable and safe trains to Kutna Hora every day. The only drawback is the waiting time for the train - the interval between flights is more than an hour and a half. Infrequent flights are compensated by the shortest travel time, the distance of 60 kilometers is covered in less than an hour.

Another option for the route to Kutna Hora from the Czech capital will be a bus. A number of travel companies use comfortable charter buses for tours around the cities of the Czech Republic, while traveling alone, a ticket can be bought at any ticket office for intercity flights. Due to the heavy traffic on Czech highways, the travel time in a bus, even for such a short distance, will be about two hours.

Climatic characteristics Kutna Hora largely coincides with the characteristics of Prague - it is the same temperate continental climate with a mild change of seasons, rather rainy summers and off-seasons, as well as stably cool winters. The relative air humidity throughout the year remains at the level of 70-75%, which also indicates the stability of weather conditions.

First of all, Kutna Hora differs from Prague with a slightly warmer summer. The hottest month, July, is always accompanied by temperature readings of + 25 ° C in the shade, and this is far from the limit. On especially dry days, the air can warm up to +28 ° C.

In winter, it is not too snowy in Kutna Hora, the daytime temperature does not have a high amplitude of fluctuations. The coldest months are January and February, when during the day the thermometer is kept at around -5 ° С, from mid-February, we can talk about the arrival of warming.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Kutna Hora.Geography and Climate in Kutna Hora

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