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Geography and climate in Dar es Salaam

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Dar es Salaam is the largest city in Tanzania in terms of area and population. Until 1993 - the capital of the state. At the moment, it is the most important port city not only of Tanzania, but of the entire eastern coast of Africa.

The city was founded in the 19th century under the protectorate of the Sultan of the island of Zanzibar. Translated from Swahili, Dar es Salaam means"harbor of peace." The city was originally built as an important port for receiving merchant ships, primarily from India and Arabia. In the 20th century, it was used first by Germany, then by England for the strategic deployment of warships. Today Dar es Salaam is a large administrative center of Tanzania.

The easiest way to get to Dar es Salaam is by air. There is no direct flight between Russia and Tanzania. Russian tourists have to use connecting flights. The most affordable airports for transfers are in Italy and Germany. Dar es Salaam has one of three international airports in Tanzania, the largest and most modern. This airport is also the starting point for traveling directly around the country.

As an alternative to air traffic, there are sea flights connecting Tanzania and Egypt (and a number of other African countries), however, for tourists from Russia, the best option is still air.

From the central part of the country can be reached by train, railways connect Dar es Salaam with almost all cities in Tanzania. Intercity buses can also bring to the city from any part of the country.

Time zone: GTM +3 (minus 1 hour from Moscow time).


Dar es Salaam is located in the subequatorial zone with a relatively low humidity, hot weather all year round. Since the city is located on the ocean coast, the relative humidity is an order of magnitude higher than in the whole country, so hot weather is not so strongly felt by Europeans.

The temperature here is kept at the same level all year round. The coldest months are three months of summer, which is considered normal in the southern hemisphere. From June to August, the average monthly temperature is +19 ° C during the day, and at night it can drop to +14 ° C.

All other months of the year, the temperature is stable at +27 ° C.

Despite the high relative humidity, precipitation is not as frequent here as in central Tanzania. The most abundant month for precipitation is April, the monthly average is 270 mm. From June to October, the dry season begins, only unlike the central regions, where there is no rain at all at this time, there still falls in the amount of 50-70 mm per month.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Dar es Salaam.Geography and climate in Dar es Salaam

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