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Nevsehir in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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This city is located in the center of the Anatolian plateau. In ancient times it was called Nissa. The city is especially famous for its history museum. In Nevsehir, you can see the remains of the city fortress, as well as old houses of the 18-19 centuries, which stand here on almost all streets.

The mountains around the city contain dilapidated rock dwellings. Nevsehir is one of the few Turkish cities where people still live in tuff caves converted into more or less modern dwellings. Due to frequent collapses, the government began to relocate people to normal residential buildings, but not all residents have yet been relocated.  

Topic: Nevsehir in Turkey, Cappadocia resort.Nevsehir in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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