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Kaymakli in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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Kaymakly – it is a fairly large city underground. It served as a shelter for Christians who were persecuted by the Arabs. The city is a complex multi-storey system of rooms, tunnels, wells and ventilation shafts. 15 thousand people could live in the city at the same time.

You can get to this underground city by bus or car from Nigde or Nevsehir.

You can get to the underground city every day, in the summer from 8 until 17.30, in winter – from 8 am to 5 pm

The best way to explore the city is with a guide, as the tunnel system is quite intricate and you can easily get lost.  

The stables are located on the highest floor of the city. To the left there is a passage leading to the second level, to the church with two vats and a nave.

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Topic: Kaymakli in Turkey, Cappadocia resort.Kaymakli in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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