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Urgup in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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This small settlement is located next to the road connecting Nevsehir and Kayseri. For the first time on old maps, the city appeared under the name Osianna.

This city is the leader among other cities in Turkey for the production of wines. The annual wine festival is quite famous here.

Compared with other cities in Turkey, the nightlife here is very lively.

The oldest city houses are hidden between the rocks. They are built of pink and sand colored tuff blocks.

A tourist village has been erected around the old town. The buildings are more modern, but quite traditional.

In Urgup, you should definitely visit the Kebir Mosque, the observation deck and the city museum.  

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Topic: Urgup in Turkey, Cappadocia resort.Urgup in Turkey, Cappadocia resort

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