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Geography and Climate in Orebro

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Orebro is the ninth largest and most populous city in Sweden, located in the central part of the country on the shores of Lake Elmaren. The city has 8 centuries of history, and most of this time Orebro was known in Sweden as a powerful agricultural center, as well as a large commercial city in the Swedish province. Tourism in Orebro began to develop in the last decades of the 20th century - many hotels appeared in the city, and tourist recreation centers began to be built in the suburban area.

People get to Orebro by train or bus - flights to the nearest airport are not in great demand, hence high ticket prices. The city is 200 kilometers away from Stockholm in a straight line, so a rail flight will be the fastest way to get to Orebro. The only drawback of the railway connection in this direction is the long waiting time for trains. Intercity buses from Stockholm go to Orebro every day.

The climate zone in which Orebro is located belongs to the temperate continental type of climate. The city is located far from the sea coast, so the influence of the sea climate is minimal here. Summer in the city is fleeting and very cloudy - the number of sunny days can be relatively large only in July. In winter, it is cool here, with the possibility of long snowfalls and severe frosts, especially by mid-January.

The average temperature in July is +15 ° С, on sunny days the temperature may rise up to +20 ° С in the shade. Following sunny days, there is a high probability of long rains, which by the fall will only increase. In winter, the average air temperature is about -10 ° C, although significant decreases are possible in the evening and at night. Severe frosts are rare here, temperatures below -25 ° C are already considered abnormally cold.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Orebro.Geography and Climate in Orebro

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