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Geography and Climate in Helsingborg

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Helsingborg is the largest of the western cities of Sweden, an ancient settlement with almost a thousand years of history. For many centuries, the city was the cause of strife with neighboring Denmark, several times fought off by the Swedes, but Helsingborg finally joined Sweden only in the first half of the 19th century.

Since then, the city began to develop in the direction of industry, as well as trade with the western and southern neighbors of the Kingdom of Sweden. At present, Helsingborg is more of an excursion interest, since the city has preserved numerous architectural monuments, despite the bloody battles, buildings from different eras have survived here.

Despite the impressive population of 120 thousand for Sweden, Helsingborg does not have its own airport, and people get here mainly by train. When touring several Scandinavian countries, people come to Helsingborg from Denmark - this will be the first stop in the continuation of the tour of Sweden. The train from Stockholm will take about 6 hours - for a distance of 580 km, this is considered a short travel time.

The climate of Helsingborg is noticeably warmer than the general weather conditions in Sweden - there is a pronounced temperate strip with the strongest influence of the sea type of climate ... Summer in the city is warmer than in other regions of the country, there are much more sunny days, but it also rains more often in summer than in other parts of Sweden.

In January, sub-zero temperatures are considered severe frost, and snowfalls every year are the causes of numerous accidents and traffic jams. The average temperature in January is considered to be 0 ° С; at night, insignificant decreases are sometimes possible.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Helsingborg.Geography and Climate in Helsingborg

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