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Geography and Climate in Norrkoping

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Norrkoping is"Swedish Manchester", one of the largest industrial cities in Sweden and throughout Scandinavia, a leading center for the textile and food industry. The city is located in the southwest of Stockholm, in the neighboring region. Norrkoping is currently a developing tourism center and serves as an alternative to other larger tourism centers in Sweden.

Get to Norrkoping from Stockholm. There are several options for transporting tourists, the most common is a bus route, either direct or going through several other cities. In any case, the travel time will take about four hours. Tourist groups are transported by train much faster, but the train schedule is not as frequent as that of buses - there is a great chance of a long wait.

The third transportation option excludes any problems - it is a transfer by comfortable buses from Stockholm airport.

The climatic zone of Norrkoping differs little from the weather of Stockholm - it is the same temperate zone with a noticeable influence of the maritime climate, although the air humidity here is not as high as in the Swedish capital. Winters in Norrkoping are cool, but mild and with little snow, while summers are warm but rainy. For three summer months, up to 70% of the average annual rainfall can fall.

The average temperature in July in Norrkoping is about +18 ° C, while in winter the average temperature is about -5 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and Climate in Norrkoping.Geography and Climate in Norrkoping

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