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Geography and Climate in Jonkoping

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Jonkoping is a city in the southern part of Sweden, located on the shores of Lake Vattern. The lake has been known for several centuries as the place where the residences of the Swedish kings were built, but now this reservoir serves as a natural border for several tourist centers in Sweden, one of which is Jonkoping.

The city's favorable location from an environmental point of view has largely determined its fate - for several decades Jonkoping has been known as an ecotourism center. In addition to the purest lake, the natural border for the city is mountain elevations, which provide rare and very clean air.

Jonkoping is 350 kilometers away from Stockholm, the most profitable way to get to the city is by bus or rail. The city also has its own airport, accepting flights even from abroad, but the price of a ticket for domestic airlines in Sweden often repels tourists.

The climate of Jonkoping is of a temperate type, and does not differ much from the general climatic characteristics of Sweden. It can be sunny here, even in winter; in summer, cloudy days alternate with clear and dry ones, but the summer period is very short. In winter, it is slightly cooler than in neighboring regions, due to the lake, the air humidity is close to the humidity of coastal cities.

The average July temperature here rarely rises above +18 ° С, the thermometer reading of +23 ° С is already considered abnormal warm weather. Long rains are rare during the summer, but cloudy weather can last for several days. In winter, the average temperature is considered to be -15 ° C.

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Topic: Geography and Climate in Jonkoping.Geography and Climate in Jonkoping

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