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Information about Orebro in Sweden

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With the development of tourism, Orebro has developed and so called recreation centers, located on the banks of Elmaren. The lake is not too large but deep, the water is clear and suitable for safe swimming in short period of Scandinavian summer. Many tourists looking to relax individually, they choose not rooms in tourist centers, but small houses on lake shore. Such houses are designed for different possibilities of guests - if relatively modest, but there are also comfortable and luxurious houses.

Another direction of tourism in Orebro is excursion tours. For a long time, the city remained aloof from the serious wars of Sweden with neighboring countries, so there was no serious destruction here. Orebro saved a large number of old houses, castles and churches in their original appearance, which makes the city a serious competitor to the more famous tourist areas Sweden.

The main attraction and the official symbol of the city is Orebro Castle. This is the most powerful the medieval building was created in the XIII century. According to local legend, it was built the castle was ordered by one of the earls who were defeated by the Russian prince Alexander Nevsky. The castle was supposed to become a symbol of not only the beauty of the city, but also security - in case of an enemy siege. For many centuries the existence of the castle not only did not collapse - it only increased in size and was fortified by fortress walls, moats and cannon towers.

By the 17th century, the danger of the capture of the city became minimal, therefore the castle was turned into the residence of the Swedish kings. Open to ordinary citizens The castle became already in 1935, a little later in one of the largest halls Castle began to work local Local history museum. The museum exposition is dedicated to the early eras of the history of Orebro. Besides the museum the castle houses one of the most expensive restaurants in the city.


There is a Wadkoping open-air museum on the birch of the local river. In fact, the museum presents is an old part of the city with perfectly preserved houses from different eras and authentic workshops. Local craftsmen demonstrate their skills directly on the streets, and professional actors act out real performances illustrating the life of a medieval city. Costume season performances - August, at this time here every day some theatrical performance. There is a festive fair at the museum at Christmas, stylized as the Middle Ages.

On the main square of Orebro there is Church of St. Nicholas - the oldest of the city's temples. For some this church was built in the XII century, after which it was expanded and restored. The general style of the structure is attributed to Romano-Gothic style. The church operates to this day, in between excursions for tourists are arranged here between services.

The Regional Museum of Orebro is open for tourists all year round. It is the largest museum complex in the city and the second most important after the local history museum located in the Castle. Started Museum its work as an Art Gallery with subsequent expansion expositions. Now the halls of the art exhibition still occupy a large part of the museum, but other halls have appeared, the most popular of them is the Sports Museum. After exploring the museum guests of the city can go to a small restaurant located in the same building, or visit a souvenir shop.

Of the modern sights of the city, the first place belongs to Swampen Tower, or in Russian Mushroom Tower. This the 59-meter water tower was erected in 1958, and immediately the building has become a symbol not only of Orebro, but of all modern architecture Sweden. The huge mushroom-shaped tower is still the tallest the structure of the city, and at the top you can see the observation deck, from which overlooks the entire city of Orebro. Except the observation deck at the top of the tower a small tourist cafe was created.

After visiting the architectural sights of Orebro tourists can visit City Park, which the locals call the Garden of Orebro. Beyond the classic parkland with trees, gazebos, paved paths and benches, there are own recreation infrastructure. In the summertime, there is a restaurant under open air, the stage serves as a venue for performances by musical groups, and the playground is a place for sports and active recreation.

Unlike the park, Playground the center of Orebro is ready to welcome young guests of the city all year round. Sports the center has its own record - it is the largest indoor hall in all of Europe children's recreation. There are all kinds of shells and entertainment attractions for children from 3 to 16 years old. An alternative to the game center is not only for children, but also for adults is Gustavsvik Water Park. It is a complete sports and entertainment center with its own camping area, outdoor sports ground for the summer season and many water attractions in the building itself.


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