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Nevada USA Resort Information

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Tahoe, Las Vegas and Reno have a huge number of restaurants and cafes that can satisfy absolutely any taste, outside of these cities the cuisine is mainly American or Mexican. European cuisine is modestly represented by some Italian dishes, and again only in large local cities.

Nevada is one of those peaceful and happy states where the influx of immigrants from China is still quite small. Therefore, you can try Chinese or Japanese cuisine here, they are somewhat popular, but there is no Chinatown for walking here.

Due to the rather arid climatic conditions, meat products and dishes prevail in the state, because it is very difficult to grow fruits and vegetables here, and it is expensive to bring them.

Nevada is one of the states with fairly lenient and loyal laws regarding such things as drinking alcohol (of course, if you are already 21 years old and you are not going to drive a car or other transport). Most of the local bars and shops have a wide range of alcoholic drinks, from the cheapest to the most exclusive, and are open 24/7, some don't close at all. Many bars in the state have casinos - or at least there are slot machines in almost every one, and some offer free drinks for all gambling customers.

The entire state is more than negative about smoking, so if you smoke, be sure to first check if this can be done in this institution. This rule does not apply to casinos and gambling houses - you can smoke there without any conditions, even without stopping.

Interesting local events include the June Rodeo, TheHotAugustNights in July, TheWestNuggetRibCook-off in August and the September events TheStreetVibrationsMotorcycleFestival and TheGreatRenoBalloonRace. In addition, the Burning Man Festival is held every year in Black Rock City, one of the renowned festivals for"radical expression". You will also find a vibrant Scottish Festival and a Pomegranate Festival.

The pleasure from the bright events and holidays of Nevada is enormous, it is not for nothing that not only Americans and Canadians flock here, but also tourists from all over the world, from 50 to 200 thousand people per week.
Nevada has very strict age restrictions on who can visit casinos and gambling establishments. If you are not yet 21 years old, you will not only be able to take part in the games, but even just get into the walls of the institution.

Fans of outdoor activities will appreciate the local camping, hiking, excursions and fishing in Nevada. There are two national parks on the territory of the state - the park in Death Valley and the beautiful Great Basin Park, in which you have the opportunity to stay with your tent or rent it right on the spot, having received permission from the park administration. Also, the Wheeler Peak Glacier and several mountain peaks await you here, offering breathtaking and grandiose views of the surrounding area.

In winter, tourists go to Lake Tahoe to go snowboarding and skiing, as there are more than 15 ski resorts there. In summer, lovers of water recreation and fishing come here. Lake Pyrmid is great for fishing and there are fewer tourists, making it ideal for those seeking a secluded and quiet getaway. It is better, more convenient and cheaper to stay in Reno, as hotels in Tahoe are quite expensive, and the lake is located just 20 minutes from the city. You can also rent bicycles on Tahoe and make an excellent bike ride.

Among other things, anywhere in Nevada there is a place to practice tennis and especially golf, although the cost of such a pastime is not the lowest.

Other local attractions: lakes Tahoe and Mead; Elvis Museum; The Indian Museum, located near Vegas; Red Rock Canyon; a picturesque, almost one kilometer-long escarpment of the western edge of the river valley in the thickets of the"Joshua tree", located 70 kilometers southeast of downtown Vegas; Spring Preserve; the colossal Hoover Dam; and more.

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