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Geography and Climate in Nevada

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Nevada is one of the driest states in the United States, located between the states of California and Utah. Most of the tourists who want to take part in gambling, watch various shows and treat themselves to delicious local cuisine visit only places such as Tahoe, Reno and, of course, Las Vegas, but if you really want to, a trip to this state can be more exciting than anything like that. Among other things, the nature of Nevada deserves close attention and admiration, because you will not find anything similar to it in Asia, Europe, or even in other parts of North America.

Most people in Nevada speak in English, but many locals speak Spanish. But almost no one speaks it, thus the state disapproves of illegal residents, who do not learn English at all.

The Tourist Office in Nevada is located in the capital of Nevada - Carson City.

McCarran International Airport, which is located in Las Vegas, has a lot of both domestic and international flights. And if you would like to travel to Nevada from another state of America, you can also fly to Reno-Tahoe International Airport, located in Reno, which is one of the state's largest airports with only domestic flights. There is also an airport in Carson City, the capital of Nevada, but it is quite small and, most likely, it will be difficult for you to find a more or less convenient flight here.

Buses of several companies go to different cities of Nevada - LuxBus, Greyhound and Starline Tours - and their routes cover almost the entire territory of the United States, so you can surely find the bus service that suits you here.

Amtrak trains arrive in Las Vegas from the states of California and Utah, and also from the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New Mexico.

Nevada is characterized by a dry continental climate, with bright sunshine most of the days of the year. Almost the entire state is located in the desert zone, so in summer, the temperature during the day can rise to + 50 ° C, and in winter, the temperature at night can drop to -10 ° C. But still most of the time the climate here is mild - the average temperature in the summer season is + 38 ° C, and in winter it reaches -1 ° C.

Time in Nevada is 9 hours behind Moscow time.

Topic: Geography and Climate in Nevada.Geography and Climate in Nevada

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