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National Food of China

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Various Chinese dishes

The Chinese have their own approach to any things, including the reception food. Chinese cuisine doesn't just include different kinds of food from other cultures. This is necessarily an original way of serving them: all products in Chinese dishes necessarily finely chopped, this is due to the choice of cutlery - Chinese eat with chopsticks. Also, the Chinese put forward such requirements for dishes as external attractiveness, good taste and pleasant aroma.

It is customary all over the world to distinguish five tastes: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty. There are three more in Chinese cuisine: aromatic (the dish should smell special, right), bland (such a characteristic most often they give rice and bread) and golden (taste of kumquat).

China is a very large country, it has come a long historical path formation, its regions differ significantly in climate and culture, which affected the cuisine of this country - it differs from province to province. Chinese cuisine is usually divided into four schools: Peking, Katone, Sichuan and Shanghai.Image
Lamb dish

Beijing cuisine is inherent in the north of China, the farmers of this part countries grow mainly rice, which is the main ingredient local cuisine. Rice is eaten here during any meal: both for breakfast and and for lunch or dinner. It can be either an independent dish or serve in tandem with meat, fish or vegetables. Peking duck is probably on hearing every person, not to mention gourmets. Birds for this dish are grown with compliance with a special strict regime. Lamb is also not the last place in Peking cuisine.

Catone cuisine is common in southern China, close to water influenced her, local residents began to cook their dishes from fish. It is quite difficult to surprise with fish dishes, but they are used in Catonian cuisine and more exotic foods such as cat, dog, snake and insect meat. Of course, such dishes are not widespread and you can find them on the menu. a simple cafe is unlikely to succeed, but they have a place to be. Also in this region China pays special attention to tea ceremonies. Widespread here tea houses where you can relax with a cup of traditional Chinese green tea holding a newspaper.Image
Chinese dumplings

Sichuan cuisine is the pride of China. This region has a high fertility, so local culinary specialists do not lack a variety are experiencing. Few dishes of the Sichuan forge do without all kinds of spices and herbs, and the favorite cooking method here is steam processing and smoking. Visitors should definitely try young chicken with peanuts, duck baked in green tea leaves or Chinese dumplings, a distinctive feature of which is the variety of fillings (there are more than two hundred).

Shanghai cuisine prefers meat dishes with the addition of rice vodka and other spices that give the meat a dark red color. A particular Duck is popular here, it is prepared in various ways. Not done in Shanghai cuisine and without exotic seafood dishes: eel, octopus, shaggy freshwater crab.

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