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Honolulu USA Resort Information

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The most popular tourist destination in   Honolulu is a magnificent resort area of Waikiki Beach, stretching for miles, originating from the suburbs of the capital. From the Hawaiian language, this area is translated as"storage of water" or"flowing water", descending ribbons of streams from the mountains in the spring and separating Waikiki from the rest of the island. The clear waters of the Ala-Wai Canal border Waikiki on the north side, the picturesque Kapiolani Park stretches on the east side, and on the south side there is a golden beach famous far beyond Hawaiian borders, whose name has spread to the entire resort area.

Waikiki is nicknamed"The edge of eternal spring". In addition to the mild climate, this is due to the many young people at the resort: here the nightlife is lit up with various nightlife entertainment venues, American young and active people are running around on rented motorcycles and smoking on almost every corner of the country. Despite this, on the territory of Honolulu, as on all islands in general, any gambling activity is prohibited.

There are more than fifty beaches in Honolulu for which the sun-drenched Waikiki area is famous. The most famous of them are Hanaum Beach, ideal for diving, Sunset Beach, which only a small child knows about, Kailua, located on the windward island side for windsurfing, and North Store Beach, ideal for professional surfers.

In between visiting tourist spots and relaxing and having fun on the beach, everyone can enjoy dishes of a wide variety of world cuisines in a huge number of excellent metropolitan restaurants and cafes. Shopping enthusiasts will be delighted to visit local shops and fashion boutiques. Also, everyone will be able to appreciate the exceptional grandiose views of the hills, sparkling beach areas and wonderful flowering parks outside the city limits, as well as enjoy the abundance of architecture in Honolulu.


To experience the special spirit and life of Hawaii, you should definitely get out of Waikiki: stroll through the endless bustling bazaars of the vibrant Chinatown of Honolulu. climb one of the Tantalus mountain paths, visit Haleiwa, a surfer's paradise, and admire the mountain peaks. Also, be sure to visit green valleys with pineapple groves, clear waters of bays, the entertainment park"Sea World" with a huge aquarium, where more than 2000 species of tropical fish can fit, or take part in an exciting excursion through the tropical jungle and towards the Manao Falls.

Not far from Honolulu is the main base of the US naval forces in the central Pacific Ocean - Pearl Harbor - world famous after the events of October 7, 1941. At the site of the sinking of the Arizona ship with a crew of 3 thousand people, a concrete structure with a transparent bottom was recently erected. Through the transparent floor and water column, visitors to this memorial have a chance to see the remains of the lost ship. And on the coast, in the Museum of the Pearl Harbor naval base, tourists are shown an interesting documentary about the tragic events of the fall of 1941.

The residence of the Hawaiian kings Kalakaua and Liliuokalani, located in the center of Honolulu and bearing a poetic the name Iolani, which means"Palace of the Heavenly Bird". This royal palace is the only one of its kind in the United States of America. It was built in 1882 and is a four-story building, equipped with electricity and telephone service earlier than Buckingham Palace and the White House. Not only royal jewels and a library are preserved inside, but the decoration of more rooms - until 1978, the building was used to house the state government, but soon a museum was organized in the palace.

Another important landmark of Honolulu is the Polynesian Cultural Center, the interior of which will allow you to get to know and understand better culture and style features not only of Hawaii, but also of other parts of Polynesia: Samoa, Tahiti, New Zealand, the Marquesas Islands and the Kingdom of Tonga. This is not only a museum, it is also a venue for performances, sustained in a unique national flavor. Spectators no less than participants are introduced to the performances - they teach wreath-making, creating souvenirs from palm leaves, getting coconut milk, Polynesian dance and much more.

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