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Guam was originally inhabited by the Chamorro people, who later mingled with the Spanish conquerors and the Filipinos. At the very end of the 19th century, during the Spanish-American War, the island came under the control of representatives of the New World. During World War II, Guam was briefly captured by the Japanese. Currently, one of the largest US military bases is deployed on the island, occupying no more, no less, a third of the island's area. Guam is also famous for its university - an institution for resort islands completely atypical.

Guam is famous for its climate and beaches, and the vast majority of them are adapted for outdoor activities. Diving, deep sea fishing, kayaking and sailing, windsurfing, jet skis - all these diverse services on the island are ready to provide you with specialized companies and clubs. The prices for training, for example, diving in Guam are much lower than anywhere else. Among the beaches of the island are the following. Agana Bay is one of the most popular beaches on the island, located in a shallow lagoon, which makes it the safest and most convenient for families with children. Tumon - Protected by a reef and very popular with surfers and swimmers. In the area of both beaches there are many hotels, as well as cafes, restaurants and bars that attract tourists here even in the evening and at night. For lovers of secluded relaxation, the beaches of Ratidian and Coco Palm Beach are the best choice.


In addition to the beaches in Guam, the following attractions should be visited. The FishEye Marine Park, which translates as"Fish Eye", is one of the most famous so-called"underwater observatories", the visitors of which await a breathtaking spectacle: the park is home to more than two hundred species of fish, giving a complete picture of the exceptional richness of the Pacific Ocean fauna.

War of the Pacific National Historical Park is an extremely interesting place, which is both a museum that tells the dramatic story of the battles for the island, and a memorial dedicated to the memory of the victims.

The village of Chamorro is located nearby from Hagatna - the capital of Guam - and is perhaps the best place to buy souvenirs or mementos made by the descendants of the warlike locals. The city itself can be bypassed literally in an hour, its main attraction is the ruined mansion of the governor of Casa Gobierno of the early 18th century.

A little south of the capital is Latte Stone Park, whose name comes from the mysterious stone structures called “ latte", which supposedly came here in time immemorial from the very village of the Chamorro people. The origin of the pillars, reaching 6 m in diameter, is not precisely established, however, some scholars argue that these are just columns left over from the luxurious houses of the local nobility. For lovers of antiquity, an excursion to the huge Fort Santa Agueda - one of the most mysterious buildings on the island, dug by underground passages leading to the Hagatna Hayes gorges is suitable.
its main attraction is the ruined mansion of the governor of Casa Gobierno from the early 18th century.

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