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Information about Cesme resort in Turkey

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Cesme is translated from Turkish as"spring", as there are many mineral springs in the vicinity of the city, the water of which is often directly supplied to the hotels of the city. In addition to mineral waters, esme is famous for its sandy beaches, clean transparent sea and an abundance of historical sights. Probably, the name of the resort itself may seem vaguely familiar to many. Indeed, having refreshed our knowledge of the history of Russia in the 18th century, we can recall that in the Chesme Bay during the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1770. a battle took place in which the Russian fleet under the command of Count Orlov utterly defeated the Turkish squadron. This victory provided the Russian Empire with complete control over the Black Sea. The glorious milestones in Russian history are not the only reason to visit Cesme, which has transformed from a fishermen's village into an extra-class resort. While in the city, you just need to visit the places described below and see the following attractions.

Genoese Fortress is a real symbol of the city. Built in the 14th century, it was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. The building served as a fort for defense against pirate attacks, as a barracks for the city garrison and even as the residence of the knightly order of St. John of Jerusalem. In the 20th century it was decided to make a museum out of the fortress, but historians say that many of its mysteries have not been solved to this day.


Nothing can be said about the beaches of Cesme, except that they are certainly very, very good. For example Altinkum beach, despite the difficult to pronounce name, has long and deservedly been popular with tourists and vacationers. Altinkum is located 10 km from the city and attracts with its cleanliness, fine sand, as well as equipped with all the necessary places for swimming. Other famous beaches include Ayaergi, Boyalmk Koyu , Ilyca and others. In the area of almost all beaches there are boarding houses, hotels and hotels designed for a very different wallet and taste and are very popular among tourists who do not want to get to the sea for a long time.

For outdoor enthusiasts - diving, surfing and yachting - the northern coast of the peninsula called Alacati is the best fit. There are many clubs and schools here, offering services to both newcomers to water sports for the first time, as well as professionals and athletes. It is in Alatachi that the famous tournament among professional surfers is annually held, attracting many curious people. Fans of diving will be interested in the skeleton of the Russian ship Eustathius, which was much less fortunate than Orlov's victorious squadron: the ship was hit, sank and is now resting at a depth of 50 meters at a distance of half a kilometer from the coast.


5 km from Cesme is the town of Ilica, which has become popular thanks to the same hot springs, which are given special Attention. Those wishing to take a steam bath in salty water can choose institutions from a large list, starting with a small and modest bathhouse and ending with something like Belediye hamam? - a huge luxurious Turkish bath, located in an 18th century building and decorated with marble. Be that as it may, the healing power of mineral springs has been known from time immemorial, and the waters will certainly have a positive effect on health, regardless of the place of bathing.

Travelers and tourists who come to Cesme do not just lie on the beach under the hot sun , and to relax actively, interestingly and profitably, there is always something to do in the city and its environs: be it hunting mountain pigs (with the permission of the municipality, of course), studying the traditions of the Turks in small coastal villages, shopping at colorful Turkish bazaars or dancing at night. clubs.
located in a building of the 18th century and decorated with marble. Be that as it may, the healing power of mineral springs has been known from time immemorial, and the waters will certainly have a positive effect on health, regardless of the place of bathing.

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