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Mihrim Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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Mihrim Mosque (Mihrimah) is located on a fairly   high altitude, occupying the top of one of the hills of Istanbul. The architect Sinan, the most famous master of the 16th century, prepared the project for this mosque and supervised all the work on its construction. The mosque is named after the beloved daughter of Sultan Suleiman I. The construction of the Mihrim mosque dates back to 1565.

The building of the mosque is made in the form of a cube, the corners of which are decorated with small towers. The central dome of the mosque, which is 37 meters high and 19 meters in diameter, is supported by four arches. The windows in the mosque are installed in three rows, they are large enough, some of the windows are decorated with stained-glass windows. Thanks to this feature, on sunny days, being in a mosque can be compared to   being inside a sparkling crystal cube.

The interior decoration of the mosque is also amazing. Skillful marble and ivory carvings can be seen here. Mother of pearl and precious metals were also used in the design of the temple. The narrow and high minaret of the Mihrim mosque   suffered several times during earthquakes.

According to legend, there should have been two minarets, however, being widowed early, Mihrima, as a sign of her loneliness, ordered to leave only one of them. The Mihrim Mosque is a significant historical and cultural monument of Istanbul.

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Topic: Mihrim Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Mihrim Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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