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Sultan Suleiman Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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Suleiman Mosque is located on one of the seven hills of the city of Istanbul, not far from Istanbul University.

Built during the reign of Sultan Suleiman I Legislator (from 1550 to 1557), the mosque is considered a significant historical monument and is of high cultural value.

The mosque includes 4 minarets, in front of the facade of the temple is a courtyard covered with a portico, the architectural complex of the mosque includes educational institutions - madrasah. The length of the Suleiman Mosque is 59 meters, and the width is – 58 meters. The diameter of the main dome of the mosque – 27 meters, and its height – 53 meters.

The interior decoration of the Suleiman Mosque is made by the hands of famous and talented Turkish masters. The original stained glass windows were made by Hasan Chelebi, who lived in the 16th century. The mosque is distinguished by an inner sense of space and light that fills the temple through numerous windows. Also, lamps play an important role in lighting the mosque. Suspended low enough, they have an original design that makes it possible to enhance the illumination of the temple.

The courtyard located in front of the mosque in its western part has three entrances. The courtyard is adorned with twenty-four columns of pink and white marble. The gallery's portico is crowned with 28 domes. The windows of the Suleiman mosque, overlooking this beautiful courtyard, are decorated with sayings from the Koran engraved on them.

The entrance to the temple complex from its outer part is through 11 gates, the central courtyard in front of the mosque is decorated with a luxurious flower garden. And small fountains are built into the southern wall of the mosque, used by believers for the traditional ablution before performing prayers.

On the back side of the mosque building there is a cemetery, which is now a kind of open-air museum. The tombstones here have a unique finish and a certain grace. In this cemetery rests the ashes of persons close to the rulers, as well as the rulers themselves, including the founder of the mosque – Sultan Suleiman I Legislator.

In 1957, the Suleiman Mosque celebrated its 400th anniversary with the beginning of restoration work, during which finishing work on the decoration of the building was resumed.

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Topic: Sultan Suleiman Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort.Sultan Suleiman Mosque in Turkey, Istanbul resort

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