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Liepaja. Recreation and entertainment

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Liepaja is a large city on a national scale, known as a resort for more than a century, attracting tourists not only with its hospitality, developed tourist infrastructure, white sand on the sea coast, but also various music festivals held here every year.

So, for example, when visiting Liepaja in July, you can be at the Baltic Beach Party festival, in August there is the widely popular Liepaja Amber rock music festival, and in September the International Organ Music Festival. In addition, the Festivals of Piano Stars are held in Liepaja.

As part of the Latvian Rally Championship, Liepaja hosts international car racing competitions, visiting which is a great pleasure for the audience. The auto rally takes place annually in the last days of August.

Liepaja hotels have varying levels of comfort and usually have bars, Wi-Fi internet access, and free parking.

In addition, while resting in Liepaja, you can go windsurfing, hockey, ice skating, mini golf, skateboarding, and tennis.


In the center of Liepaja there is the famous old square"Rozu laukums". Back in the 18th century, the New Market was located here, and in the 20th century it was decided to set up a beautiful garden here, where roses bloom in summer. The number of rose bushes here reaches half a thousand.

The palace, which housed the Officers' Naval Noble Assembly, is one of the most beautiful palaces in Latvia. It is surrounded by a picturesque park, perfect for leisurely walks. The Historical Museum of the Naval Forces with an interesting exposition now operates within the walls of the palace.
ghosts appear in the corridors, electric lamps turn off spontaneously, and strange sounds are heard. These rumors have a certain basis, a legend according to which a young girl committed suicide within the walls of the prison, having received the news that her lover had been shot in Karosta. The ghost of the bride who killed herself was named - the White Lady of Liepaja.

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Topic: Liepaja. Recreation and entertainment.Liepaja. Recreation and entertainment

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