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Geography and climate in Liepaja

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Geography and climate

The Latvian city of Liepaja is located in the southwestern part of the country on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea, covering an area of approximately 60 square kilometers, and more than a quarter of the total area is occupied by various natural zones: parks, reservoirs.

There are two lakes near the city: Liepaja and Tosmarskoe. Liepaja is the third largest city in the country, it has a port, as well as developed industrial enterprises. The city has both a railway station and a bus station, as well as an airport.

The history of the city has more than seven centuries. Ethnically, Liepaja's population consists of Jews, Germans, Latvians, Russians, Lithuanians and Poles, and its population is approximately 87   000 inhabitants.

The moderate maritime climate of Liepaja is considered pleasant for both local residents and tourists who have a rest here. In these places, there is practically no exhausting summer heat, the average air temperature in the warm season is about + 17 ° C, and in winter the air is cooled to about -4 ° C.

The snow cover in Liepaja and its surroundings is rather unstable, as winters are very mild here. Liepaja is quite windy in summer, mainly south and west winds blow.

Time zone of Liepaja: GMT + 2 (-1 hour from Moscow).

Topic: Geography and climate in Liepaja.Geography and climate in Liepaja

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