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Temple of Abydos in Egypt

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The Temple in   Abydos was built by Seti I, Pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty, dedicating it to seven Egyptian deities. The central sanctuary of the temple is dedicated to Amon-Ra. To the right of it are the sanctuaries of Osiris, Isis - his wife, and Horus - their son. The left sanctuaries belong to Ptah and Ra-Khorakhta. And the most recent sanctuary was created especially on the day of Seti itself.

The reliefs in the temple depict Amon-Ra with his wife Mut, Hator, Ra-Khorathe, receiving the gifts of the queen and the king. Other gods of the Egyptian pantheon are also depicted.

In the sanctuary of Osiris, there are special halls in which secret ceremonies were held. The inscriptions on the columns say that the sanctuary of Osiris was built on the ruins of another sanctuary.

To the west of the temple is the tomb of Osiriyon. In it, according to legend, Isis buried the head of Osiris, who was killed by Seth, the god of the desert, and then reborn for eternal life.

The Pega Gorge is located to the southwest of the temple. Ro-Setau begins in it - the path to the kingdom of spirits and gods. The very first pharaohs of Egypt were buried not far from here.

Abydos still amazes with its atmosphere. It was a holy place for the Egyptians, just like Jerusalem is for Christians.

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Topic: Temple of Abydos in Egypt.Temple of Abydos in Egypt

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