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Karnak Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort

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Karnak Temple – it is the largest temple in the entire ancient world. Alley of the sphinxes, he   was connected to another temple – Luxor.

In this temple there are traces of all periods of Egyptian history from the 16th to the 9th centuries BC. e. All pharaohs tried to immortalize their names in the Karnak temple.

The grain of the temple – this is a sanctuary built by Uzertezen I and completed by Thutmose III.

Of the structures built by other pharaohs, the western part of the temple with a hypostyle hall and a peristyle courtyard is the most preserved. In the courtyard there are small temples of Seti II and Ramses III.

The sacred lake of the temple is located east of the courtyards. It was necessary for the procession of the barque of Amun.

To the north of the main temple there is a group of sanctuaries. The main one was built by Amenhotep III   and is dedicated to Mont.

From the first, rather narrow entrance of the Karnak temple, there is an alley of sphinxes leading to the Luxor temple. Sphinxes on this part of the alley have ram heads.  

The Hypostyle Hall in the Karnak Temple consists of 130 columns, which are arranged in sixteen rows. The hall was built in the 14th-12th centuries BC. and is considered a masterpiece of world architecture. The main passage of the hall is surrounded by columns, the height of which reaches 20 meters, and the diameter – 3.5 meters.

From this hall there is a passage to a special sanctuary, which could only be entered by priests and the Pharaoh himself.

The Karnak temple complex was the main shrine of Egypt for 1   500 years old. All this time Karnak, constantly decorated and completed by whole generations of rulers,   was the main attraction and even the center of Thebes.  

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Topic: Karnak Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort.Karnak Temple in Egypt, Luxor Resort

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