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Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt, Luxor resort

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This temple is located near the rocks of Deir el-Bahri. This temple complex is not at all like the rest of the Egyptian Temples.

Hatshepsut was the wife and half-sister of Thutmose II. When Thutmose II died, his son could not yet rule the country, and his wife became the ruler. Throughout her reign (and it lasted 15 years), the queen did many great things.

The main holy place of the temple was located quite far from the rest of the buildings. In general, almost all traditions during the construction of the temple were observed – a road with sphinxes on both sides led to the pylon of the temple. In front of the very building of the temple there was a garden with rare and unusual plants. The temple itself – a real miracle of architecture, as it is carved right into the rocks. Holy of Holies the temple consisted of 3 terraces located one above the other. Each of them had   sanctuaries, open courtyard and porticoes. All tiers were connected by sloping roads that replaced stairs.

The reliefs on the terraces depicted the worldview of the ancient Egyptians.

On opposite sides of the porticoes were the sanctuaries of Anubis and Hathor. These gods gave hope for revival and renewal of forces.

The upper part of the temple complex is dedicated to the most important gods of the Egyptian pantheon. In the very center was the sanctuary of Amun-Ra. This – the most important part of the temple.

When Hatshpsut died, Thutmose III, who hated her, ascended the throne and destroyed all historical records of her achievements. Despite this, the temple remained quite an important cult and religious center.

When Christianity came to Egypt, the temple became a Coptic church, and then completely turned into ruins.

In the 90s. 19th century Edouard Naville began to explore the area. But only in 1961, restorers from Poland began to restore the temple. Through their efforts, the third terrace of the temple was re-created.  

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Topic: Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt, Luxor resort.Temple of Queen Hatshepsut in Egypt, Luxor resort

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