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Temple of Dendera in Egypt

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The temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera was known as early as the third millennium BC. e. In the 23rd century BC. e. Pepi I expanded the temple. After that he was given the title"Beloved Hathor of Dendera". In the 1st millennium BC. e. the temple was rebuilt. It was based on slabs with the names of the great rulers of Egypt. The new temple stood for 5 more centuries. Despite the fact that many ancient sanctuaries were destroyed, the temple of the goddess Hathor escaped this fate.

A temple courtyard opens behind the monumental gate. The tops of the columns, which form a covered columnar hall, open on the east side, are decorated with the four faces of the goddess Hathor.

On the left, behind the temple, is a sacred lake. Now it has dried up, and even several palm trees have grown there. Behind the temple is a small, almost destroyed sanctuary of the goddess Isis. This sanctuary has several interesting bas-reliefs.

Hathor herself, to whom this temple is dedicated, is the goddess of love, the ideal of motherhood and femininity. She is depicted as a woman with a sun disc on her head.

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Topic: Temple of Dendera in Egypt.Temple of Dendera in Egypt

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