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Dalaman. Recreation and entertainment

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Dalaman is a resort with actively developing infrastructure. There are cafes, restaurants (national, Italian and Latin American cuisine), indoor and outdoor pools, shops, souvenir shops and a mini-zoo at the guests' disposal.

For resort guests who prefer club rest, there are discos in the resort, but many tourists go from Dalaman by bus to Marmaris, which has a large number of nightlife entertainment facilities.

For those who prefer active rest to the beach, on the resort has all conditions: a tennis court, fitness centers, beach volleyball courts.

Dalaman also offers canoeing, catamarans, water skiing, as well as equipment for surfing and diving, classes   various types of gymnastics (including underwater).

Popular at the resort is rafting on a turbulent mountain river, which bears the same name as the city. In general, the Dalaman River is of the average category of difficulty, its sources are located on the Kokas peak, and the length reaches 229 kilometers, but for tourist rafting, as a rule, two sections of 12 kilometers are recommended.

For children, provided various entertainment programs, mini-clubs, children's bars, pools with attractions, as well as playgrounds.



A few kilometers from Dalaman, on the way to the nearby city of Fethiye, there are the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Kalinda. This is the oldest settlement mentioned in the works of ancient historians.

On the Kapydag peninsula there are the ruins of the ancient cities of Lissay, Lidai and Kriya. The remains of Lissay are located on the southern shore of Lake Kargyn, and Lidaya - in the western part of Fethiye Bay.   According to some sources, Kriya once belonged to Caria, and Lidai reached its heyday in the era of the Byzantine Empire.

30 kilometers from Dalaman, in the vicinity of the village of Chogmen, on a hill there is a historical region - a city Hippocus, in the southeastern part of which there are 6 rock tombs, and in its southwestern part there are tombs resembling similar structures discovered   on  

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Topic: Dalaman. Recreation and entertainment.Dalaman. Recreation and entertainment

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