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Marmaris beaches: Kumlubuk, Turkey

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Image Kumlubuk Beach

Like most of the countryside beaches in Turkey, Kumbuluk Beach is an excellent choice for those who prefer to relax in an ecologically clean place, away from major entertainment areas. This beach is located 20 kilometers from the border of Marmaris, surrounded by natural coniferous and shrub thickets. The hilly terrain protects this coastal area from strong winds, so the beach is suitable for those who do not seek too active relaxation at sea.

One of the features of the beach is the built around there are restaurants where, according to tourists, prepare the most delicious fish on the Aegean coast. Seafood is always the freshest here, supplies come from neighboring bays, all vacationers can see the fishing process walking along the coast.

Image Kumlubuk Beach

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Topic: Marmaris beaches: Kumlubuk, Turkey.Marmaris beaches: Kumlubuk, Turkey

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