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Fethiye. Recreation and entertainment

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Fethiye beach strip is not assigned to hotels and belongs to the municipality.   All beaches are clean, well-groomed, they have both pebble and sandy coverage.

The resort area is decorated with lush vegetation, dominated by palm trees, eucalyptus trees and cedars.

The resort offers vacationers not only various restaurants, discos, bars, outdoor pools and show programs, but also an excellent opportunity to spend an active holiday. Fethiye has tennis courts, mini-football and mini-golf courses, gyms, beach volleyball and basketball courts, as well as all conditions for windsurfing and motorized water sports.

Fethiye resort is suitable for recreation for both young people and married couples, including with children. For toddlers, the resort offers a mini club, children's pools and playgrounds, and a variety of entertainment programs.


Cultural sights

While in Fethiye, you can see the ruins of an ancient theater and the remains of a castle whose construction dates back to the 15th century. as well as tombs of the Lycian period. According to legend, the ruler of Telmessos Amyntas is buried in one of them.

Interesting sights of the resort include a mosque built in 1791, as well as a city museum, which contains archaeological finds found in this region with a long history and various works of art from different eras.

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Topic: Fethiye. Recreation and entertainment.Fethiye. Recreation and entertainment

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