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Burgundy. Recreation and entertainment

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In Burgundy, there are many hotels, castle hotels and hotel complexes of various categories of comfort: from the most unpretentious to luxury. Typically mid-range hotels offer car parks, bike rentals, outdoor pools, golf courses and tennis courts.

The cuisine and wines of this French province are popular around the world. For example, the famous Dijon mustard (Moutarde de Dijon), prepared with various wines and spices, is considered by many to be properly prepared only by Burgundy chefs.


While in Burgundy, it is impossible not to taste the classic wines of this region, for example"Bourgogne Chardonnay", which combines an abundance of pear aromas with tones of cloves and hazelnuts, with its creamy texture and fresh aftertaste.

Burgundy is a large French region, which includes such important cities as:


It is a developed city, a major scientific and industrial center of the country, where are located: an observatory, a botanical garden, seminaries, libraries, scientific societies, art academies, medical universities. Dijon's production is represented by foundries, winemaking, horticulture, as well as the manufacture of leather and textiles.

The cultural attractions of the city include the Ducal Palace, reconstructed at the end of the 17th century. Now it houses an art museum,

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Topic: Burgundy. Recreation and entertainment.Burgundy. Recreation and entertainment

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