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Biarritz. Recreation and entertainment

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Biarritz is renowned for its rich cultural life. Various festivals, fashion shows, world premieres, openings and much more are held here almost every day. Every day here actually turns into a holiday.

Biarizza is home to many boutiques, fashionable shops and famous shopping houses that the resort is proud of.

The resort's beaches are about 5 kilometers long.

The Plage du Port-Vieux is one of the best beaches in this resort, ideal for families with children, as due to the fact that it is surrounded by rocks on all sides, the water in the bay almost does not worry. The city is very popular with such sports as surfing, golf, equestrian sports and tennis.

The resort has the Municipal Casino, and not far from it is the harbor of Port des Pecheurs, which is home to many yachts.

Biarritz has a tourist center with many eateries, restaurants, bars and cafes where you can taste local cuisine. And in one of the fish restaurants, which is located on the coast, you can try seafood dishes.

Biarritze is also famous for its chocolate masters. In numerous confectionery stores in the city, you can taste various sweets made by them.



Biarritz is home to the world famous Thalassotherapy Institute (sea therapy).

The center offers a number of courses:

General health: includes 4 procedures per day, designed for at least 2 days.

Special courses (designed for 6 days): Young mother, weight loss, anti-stress, heavy legs and many others.


Biarritz is famous not only for its hotels, resorts and tourism in general, but also for its attractions.

The Rock of the Virgin. The Rock It is named so thanks to the statue of the Madonna, which was installed on its top in 1865. According to local legends, this statue protects fishermen and sailors in the Bay of Biscay. Today, this statue has become the symbol of Biarritz.

The Maritime Museum. This museum is located opposite the Rock of the Virgin. The museum has 24 aquariums, in which more than 150 species of fish swim. Here you can watch the feeding of seals and visit the shark grotto. The museum exhibits almost all of the fauna of the Bay of Biscay.

Biarritz Lighthouse. This lighthouse offers wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at an altitude of 74 meters above sea level. If you climb to the top of the lighthouse, you can see the beaches, the Pyrenees and the fishing port. In cloudless clear weather, you can even see the coast of Spain.


Museum of Chocolate. The region where Biarritz is located is the leader in the list of European chocolate producers. The unique Chocolate Museum is located above the Cote de Basque beach. It shows the history of this delicacy over a period of almost 400 years.

One of the most popular excursion routes from Biarizza is the Bayonne - Oxozelaya Caves - Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port - Saint-Etienne route de Baigori"

In the city of Bayonne - the capital of the Basque Country - traditional French bullfights are currently held. There is also the monastery and the Saint-Marie cathedral, built in the 13th century. It is worth visiting the Bran vineyard, where you can taste the famous Basque wines. The Caves Oxozelaya are also interesting, where you can see ancient rock paintings and groups of stalagmites and stalactites.

Saint-Jean-Pierre-de-Port is famous for its ancient citadel,

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