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Geography and climate in Burgundy

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Burgundy - an area with a population of over one and a half million people, located in the east of France, and includes 4 departments: Saone and Loire, Cote d'Or , Nievre and Yonnou.

The area of the province is 31,600 square kilometers.

The large city of Dijon, the capital of Burgundy, stretches along both banks of the Ouche River.

History of Burgundy originates in the 5th century AD, when the first state of the same name with the capital Lyon, which became part of France only in 1477, was formed a little south of its modern territory.

Burgundy time zone: GMT + 1 (- 2 hours with Moscow).


The mild continental climate of Burgundy is somewhat influenced by the Mediterranean climatic zone and is perfect for growing various grape varieties.

Winters are relatively mild here with an average temperature in January of +3 ° C, and summers are quite hot with a lot of sunny days and an average daily temperature from June to August +26 ° C.


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Topic: Geography and climate in Burgundy.Geography and climate in Burgundy

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