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Normandy. Recreation and entertainment

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Normandy belongs to large resort areas, its main cities are Deauville, Trouville and Rouen.

The world-famous distinctive features of Normandy include the production of cheese (different varieties, some of the most popular are Camembert and Livaro), as well as Calvados (apple vodka) concentrated in this area of the country.

At the same time, each significant city in Normandy is famous for its own set of attractions and characteristic memorable features.



Deauville is a hospitable seaside resort located on the coast of the English Channel, just a couple of hours from Paris ...
It is here that the annual parade of vintage cars takes place, and vacationers can not only visit various cultural events, but also combine beach holidays with active entertainment such as windsurfing, equestrian sports and golf.

Trouville is also famous for its fish market, where the most incredible"seafood" are on sale.



Rouen is at the same time a large administrative city and port of the northern part of France, it is located 100 kilometers from the mouth of the Seine River. The population of the city is approximately 105,000 inhabitants.

Rouen is a city with an ancient history, it gained fame as early as the 5th century AD. Here, in the Place View Marche, Cathedral of Saint Joan of Arc, burnt at this place. The cathedral is an original architectural complex, and includes a market that bears the same name as the square.

In addition, in Rouen it is worth seeing such sights as the Gothic Church of Saint-Ouen, Notre Dame Cathedral and Saint-Maclou Church.

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Topic: Normandy. Recreation and entertainment.Normandy. Recreation and entertainment

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