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Kusadasi. Recreation and entertainment

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The beach strip of the resort is quite long, there are both pebbly and sandy beaches. The swimming season in the area lasts from June to August inclusive.

The resort has two water parks, many cafes, restaurants and discos.

Kusadasi is a great place to start scuba diving training ... In addition, there are all the opportunities for such outdoor activities as aerobics, volleyball, basketball, tennis and mini golf.

For children of different ages, there are playgrounds, swimming pools, a mini club, various entertainment programs.

The resort offers car rental.



One of the most interesting sights of this area is   Pigeon Island ( Guvergin Island), which is a symbol of the city.

In ancient times, the citadel on the island was used as a defense against an attack on the city from the sea, and also served as a refuge for pirates and adventurers. Now the fortress, which is sometimes called the"Pirate Castle", is a visited museum.

The Calais district, located within the city walls, is considered very popular and attractive for tourists. Here you can not only visit the crowded colorful bazaars, but also explore the old streets, as well as the Fortress Mosque (Kaleici Mosque). This significant building was erected in 1618, and has an area of 1800 square meters.

Not far from Kusadasi, about 20 kilometers to the south, is the famous Kurshunlu monastery. There is a point of view that in ancient times it was an Orthodox church. The monastery is located in the mountains at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, offering magnificent views of the surroundings.  

One of the most significant thermal centers in the country is located near Kusadasi - the well-known springs   Balchova, on the basis of which a health-improving complex is now operating, which has ample opportunities for the treatment of various diseases of the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and many others.

On the Dilek Peninsula there is a national park (about 30 kilometers from the resort of Kusadasi), at the entrance to which there is an ancient cave with a natural reservoir inside. According to legend, it was here that Zeus used to swim with naked maidens from local villages.


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Topic: Kusadasi. Recreation and entertainment.Kusadasi. Recreation and entertainment

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