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Kemer. Recreation and entertainment

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Kemer is one of the resorts that are interesting both for young people and for families, including those with children. The resort offers vacationers a variety of boarding houses and hotels, from small cozy"two-star" to comfortable"five-star". Almost all of them work on the"all inclusive" system.

The swimming period in Kemer is on average 6-7   months, which allows you to rest here from late spring to early autumn.

On the territory of the resort there is the Moonlight park with a sandy beach and a dolphinarium, water attractions, swimming pools, restaurants, discos, a shopping center, a tennis court and a mini-club for kids. Various entertainment programs are held every day at Moonlight.

ruins of Phaselis settlement. Once serving as a resting place for Alexander the Great, here, nearby is the village of Yanartash, in the place of which, according to ancient Greek myths, Bellerophon, having conquered Pegasus, killed the monstrous Chimera. Many people still consider this place sacred.


Not far from Mira there is a resort town of Kas, which also has an ancient history.

Those who wish can take a short yacht trip to Kekova Island. Here, in the northern part of the island, in ancient times there was a city. As a result of the earthquake, most of it went under water. Given the shallow depth, on sunny days with a calm sea,

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Topic: Kemer. Recreation and entertainment.Kemer. Recreation and entertainment

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