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Fethiye Beaches: Oludeniz

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Oludeniz is an independent resort, administratively subordinate to the city of Fethiye, located 15 kilometers away. People get here on comfortable intercity buses, which are often carried by organized groups of foreign tourists. The resort itself cannot be called big, but even such a small vacation spot has several beach areas.

The most popular beach among young people and lovers of active pastime is the beach Lagoon. Despite such a romantic name, this beach has long established itself as a gathering place for fans of extreme recreation. Surfing, diving and windsurfing are very popular here.
Even so, the Lagoon is also a favorite beach for families with small children ... There are two reasons for this: firstly, an absolutely safe and gentle entrance to the sea, and secondly, a large number of entertainment venues, including water parks, designed for children are concentrated here.
Image Oludeniz Beach

The second beach, Kidrak, is where more mature guests have gathered. Here is a calm atmosphere more plantations of palms and tropical trees that provide natural shade, suitable for those who can hardly stand the scorching sun. The entrance to the sea at this beach is not as shallow as at Laguna, but children can also be seen here.

The third beach is the pearl of Fethiye's surroundings, the beach named Patara has won the loudest titles among holiday destinations more than once. Choosing this beach, you will need to prepare for the most luxurious vacation in the resort, and as a result - for a more expensive vacation.
All three beaches united by several sports clubs, in addition to water activities, palapliding is popular here. Experienced instructors work with different categories of guests,

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Topic: Fethiye Beaches: Oludeniz.Fethiye Beaches: Oludeniz

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