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Lake Vouliagmenis in Greece

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Lake Vouliagmeni (or Vouliagmeni) is included in   number of the most significant natural attractions of Attica. This lake is surrounded by picturesque rocks of volcanic origin, overgrown with coniferous forests, and the lake itself is located in the crater of an ancient volcano.

The lake is very popular among tourists due to its hot mineral springs, which have a number of useful properties. The water in the lake is salty, because it is connected to the sea by a small canal, and is highly valued for its healing qualities.

People come here both for general health improvement, and in order to quickly get rid of various diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, as well as many gynecological diseases and skin diseases.

Not far from the lake there is a city   Loutraki, in the vicinity &

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Topic: Lake Vouliagmenis in Greece.Lake Vouliagmenis in Greece

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