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Information about Sapporo Resort in Japan

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Sapporo is a fairly large tourist center. The city's main street, Tanukikoji, is home to a variety of shops and restaurants, making it a frequent visitor to the city.

The city park with a concert hall, flower beds, a Japanese garden, a gym and other traditional Japanese entertainment is also interesting to visit.

However, the main event that attracts thousands of tourists here every year is the City Snow Festival.

It arose in 1950 when six small snow figures were installed in Odori Park. The festival was then rather a small children's matinee, but in half a century it became a cultural spectacle of unprecedented proportions.

It is organized simultaneously in three districts of the city - in the Susukino nightlife quarter, at Makomanai Stadium and at the Odori Park Sports Complex. Both entire teams and brave individuals participate in this festival, competing for the title of the best sculptor from the snow. Once a Russian team built a replica of St. Basil's Cathedral here.

All the main festival events are held in Odori Park. The scale is truly amazing - for example, at the 35th holiday, more than 180 sculptures were made of ice and snow. There are much fewer sculptures in Macomanai, and the ice figures in Susukino are generally intended more likely to lure customers into various entertainment establishments. All sculptures are especially good in the evenings, as they are illuminated wonderfully and with high quality.


Botanical Garden

The famous Hokkaido University is located in the city of Sapporo, and on its territory is located the equally famous Botanical Garden with an area of more than 13 hectares. More than four thousand plant species are grown in this garden. Also in the garden are the Ainu and University museums.

The base of the Botanical Garden is a small area of forest that grew here even before the foundation of the city. In the University Museum, guests can see information of a natural science nature. Of particular interest among tourists is the collection of stuffed birds, which was collected by the Englishman Blackinston.

The Ainu Museum is dedicated to the Ainu and other northern peoples. It was built in honor of Butchlor, the English envoy to Japan who researched the history of the Ainu. In total, the collection of this museum has 2.5 thousand exhibits.

Maruyama Park

This park is located at the base of the hill of the same name in the western part of the city. Its area is 686 square meters. On this territory there is a youth hotel, a stadium and a zoo. The park is famous primarily for its sakura and plum trees.

Clock Tower

This European-style building is reminiscent of the early settlers in the city in the 19th century. There are no other European buildings left in the city. It once belonged to the Agricultural College, the progenitor of Hokkaido University. The clock on the tower, which was a symbol of the pioneers, still goes on and delights the townspeople with the chimes, although they were created back in 1881.

Mount Moiva

This mountain is 1, 5 kilometers is located at a distance of eight kilometers from the center of Sapporo. If you climb to its top, you can see a magnificent panorama of the city and its environs. You can get to the highest point of the mountain first by cable car, and then by chair lift. There is also a four-kilometer road leading to the top.

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