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Information about Yokohama Resort in Japan

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ImageThe landmark tower, 296 meters high, is the tallest building in the city and the third tallest building in the country. It is the symbol of Tokyo's largest business center, Minato Mirai-21.

The tower can be reached by a lift, rumored to be one of the fastest in the country. Here, on the territory of the business center, there is a Ferris wheel, built in 1989, which also serves as a watch, which is the largest in the world.

The Shin-Yokohama area, located at a distance from the business center, is famous for the Yokohama Arena, which can simultaneously accommodate about 17 thousand people. The Nissan Stadium International Stadium and Ramen Museum are equally popular. In 2002, the Nissan Stadium hosted the FIFA World Cup.

Yokohama's Chinatown, known for over 150 years, is recognized as the largest in the country and one of the largest on the planet. The block, located between Ishikawate Street and Yamashita Park, developed around the Chinese Kanteibe Temple, built in 1887.

Near Chinatown is the Yokohama Stadium, as well as the Silk Center, where the Silk Museum is located, where you can get acquainted in detail with each stage of its creation and processing, from the breeding of silkworms to hand-painting of fabrics for quality kimonos. Also of interest will be the Museum of Puppets, whose exposition includes more than a thousand beautiful puppet works collected from different parts of the world.

Ramen Museum

The Ramen Museum has existed in Yokohama since 1994. It is dedicated to the world famous ramen noodles and is both a huge mall and a theme park. On the ground floor of the establishment there are various exhibits and a souvenir shop. The rest of the museum, located on 2 underground levels, is a miniature historical park. The year 1958 is reproduced here, in numerous shops and restaurants life is in full swing - the bar sells sake, and around the vendors offer everyone cakes and cotton candy.

8 restaurants are recognized as the pearl of the park, whose specialization is a unique variety of noodles, traditional for Asia. This place will appeal to both adults and their children.

Parks of Yokohama

There are beautiful parks in Yokohama - Yamashita Park, Sankeien Open Air Museum and Landscape Park and Minato-no-Mieru-oka-koen Park overlooking the bay.

Sankeien   is a landscape park and open-air museum, opened since 1906, here from all over Japan there are collected varieties of temples and traditional wooden structures. The area of the park is 175 thousand square meters, and the author of the project is Tomitaro Hara.

The highlight of the Yamashita park, opened in 1923, is the passenger liner Hikawa-maru, or the Queen of the Pacific Ocean. In 1961, the liner began work as a museum in honor of the Japanese Navy, but in 2006 the institution closed. The further fate of the liner remains a mystery, but after the end of the restoration, which was started by the forces of the country's large shipping company"Nippon-Yussen" in 2007, in the 78th year of its existence, the liner   was reopened to the public and quickly became a favorite destination for most Japanese tourists.

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Topic: Information about Yokohama Resort in Japan.Information about Yokohama Resort in Japan

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