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Information about Kobe Resort in Japan

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There are many places in Kobe where you can stay comfortably for yourself. These are inexpensive hostels, and simple hotels, and even luxury hotels located on the waterfront. If you cannot find a free hostel or hotel, you can contact the tourist office, which will help you find an option that is affordable for you.

Kobe Harborland New Otani is owned by the Japanese chain New Otani and can offer you great service and the best staff for 10,000 yen per night.

Tor Road Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Kobe's shopping area, along with shops and restaurants. A night in a room for one person will cost from 7,500 to 9,000 yen.

If you want to save on accommodation, It is worth trying to rent a room at Kobe Kur Haus, which has its own spa and prices from 3300 yen per night. Also popular are Ninomiya Ryokan, which will cost you 4,000 yen for a single room for 1 night, and Kobe Dears Backpacker House, a small, cozy hostel that has a dormitory for 2,500 yen for 1 night, as well as more secluded single rooms for 3,900 yen. for 1 night.

Local restaurants, cafes and eateries attract tourists with their dishes. The local Gaen Shuga serves some of the finest food in Kobe, offering Japanese and Hong Kong cuisine, as well as some Chinese dishes. You can also ask for a special delicacy to be prepared for you, such as abalone or shark fin soup.

Sky Buffet may be difficult to find, but the view opening from the windows of this establishment, located on the 24th floor, will fully pay for the time you spend looking for this heavenly restaurant. Among other things, the prices there are quite democratic, and, in addition to Japanese cuisine, you will be offered familiar dishes of European cuisines.

Grill Ippei restaurants prepare excellent traditional dishes - shrimp or oysters in batter, fried in boiling oil, as well as pork cutlets and steaks. And if you just want to have a thrifty lunch, go to any cafe in Chinatown near Sannomia.


There are many interesting sights in Kobe.

Ijinkan   - built in 19 century residence of foreign traders, which are the main attractions of Kobe. They are located within walking distance of Shin-Kobe and Sannomiya stations. In addition, there are several 19th century buildings in the Kyu-kyoryuchi area, near Motomachi station.

On the territory of the Meriken Park there is an interesting monument dedicated to the numerous victims of the earthquake, as well as the well-known Kobe Tower, which has long been recognized as an unofficial city symbol. It costs a few hundred yen to get inside. The local picturesque Park of Flowers and Fruits is always surrounded by a huge amount of greenery and fragrant flowers, causing incredible admiration and admiration for both women and men, and especially children. In springtime, when the whole park area is in bloom, about ten thousand selected tulips bloom, making the park charming and most attractive.

The interesting Takenaka Museum of Carpentry Tools displays a wide variety of carpentry tools, many of which date back to ancient times and are hewn stone hatchets. Of course, there are also the most modern, often innovative devices, which no other can compare with. The museum will be especially interesting for men, especially those whose profession is in one way or another related to construction, carpentry, etc.

The local park Nunobiki   is a real garden covering an area of more than 40 acres, where the general more than 200 varieties of various herbs. Among other things, there is a cozy restaurant on the territory of the garden and here you can often get to any interesting exhibition from the great variety of local events. The entrance costs 1,200 yen, in addition to the visit, you will get the opportunity to ride back and forth on the garden cable car.

Both, among other things, are famous for their breweries, as well as factories producing the traditional aromatic alcoholic drink - sake. Many of these establishments are always open to tourists, and a guide to their location can be found at the local tourist office in Sannomia. The drinks here have a special taste that does not resemble any similar drinks from other countries of the world.

If you are among the tourists who want to get acquainted with the production of these drinks, and in particular with the production of sake, then be sure to visit the local museum in honor of this Hakutsuru drink that is open every day. The entrance is free, as is the sake.

The large local zoo Oji is open every day from early morning until evening, and closes slightly earlier in winter. You should definitely come here with your family and children, because here, in addition to various representatives of the animal world, there are many attractions and entertainment for the whole family. Admission fee for adults is 600 yen, for children it is three times cheaper.

Also be sure to visit Arima Onsen hot springs, famous throughout Japan.

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