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China Jiamusi Resort Information

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Jiamusi, like any other more or less large city in China, offers tourists ample opportunities for recreation. Nightlife lovers will like it here - there are several bars and discos in the city where you can dance, drink, have a snack and have a good time. Often it costs nothing to enter the club, but depending on the table occupied, a certain amount is required to be spent on drinks or food.

Jiamusi also has traditional Chinese spas with a wide range of traditional and exotic treatments. Each salon offers traditional Chinese massage. There are also many saunas in the city that look more like health centers.

You can also do shopping in Jiamusi - there are really many shops in the city with a wide selection of goods. There are both brand boutiques in the city, and simple shops with essential goods. Furniture stores are very popular with tourists - for goods purchased in them, you can order delivery to Russia.  

Despite the cold weather, a lot of tourists visit Jiamusi in winter. The fact is that in winter, an ice amusement park with slides, an ice rink, a go-kart track and snow sculptures appears in the city. The ice city is especially beautiful in the evenings, and during the day there are various competitions and snow battles.



Xinglong is a city lake park. Its history began back in 1958, and during this time the park experienced both periods of active construction, and complete ruin. The total area of the park is 18 hectares. The lake itself and several bridges are located on this territory. The park has very attractive landscapes both in winter and in summer. From spring to autumn there is a children's entertainment center. The entrance to the park is free.

Western Park

This park is located, as the name implies, in the western part of the city. It is dedicated to the heroes of World War II, so there is a memorial on its territory in honor of this event.

Liu Yingjun Memorial Complex

Liu Yijun is a national hero of the city, who during his lifetime was an ardent follower of the ideas of Mao Tse Tung. Residents of the city initiated the creation of a memorial complex, which reminds everyone of the exploits of this historical figure.

Buddhist temple

This small temple right in the center of the city is a traditional place of religious worship. It is here that the locals come in order to turn to Buddhist gods and pay homage to them. The temple is open to visitors so that tourists can get to know more about the traditional culture of China.

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Topic: China Jiamusi Resort Information.China Jiamusi Resort Information

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