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Osaka Japan Resort Information

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Osaka has a huge number of excellent cafes and restaurants offering both traditional cuisine and dishes of Chinese, European and many other cuisines.

The active pace of life does not subside in Osaka even at night. With the onset of dusk, the central part of the city and its event epicenter is the Namba nightlife quarter, where bars, nightclubs, pubs and restaurants for every taste are open for everyone.

In the Umeda area, a whole underground city has been built, on a three-story space which houses hundreds of boutiques, shops, restaurants, game rooms, coffee shops and much more. There is a huge Ferris wheel above the shopping center, which lifts the most curious visitors to a height of 106 meters.

In the southern part of Osaka, there are several inexpensive, but high-quality shops where you can buy cosmetics, textiles, clothing and other goods that attract both locals and tourists from different parts of the world. And in Dan Dan Town, you can buy the latest in consumer electronics at relatively low prices.

Tempozan Harbor Village is an excellent amusement park. The most popular of its attractions are the Ferris wheel, which rises to a height of 112 meters, and the Oceanarium, dedicated to the rich diversity of the Pacific Ocean fauna and flora. More than 500 species of fish, birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles await you here.

Universal Studios Japan is an interesting theme park that has existed since March 2001. It is built to high-quality Hollywood standards and is based on the plots of the films of the world famous film studio of the same name.

Among the local events, Tenji-Matsuri is the largest festival in Osaka. It is held annually from July 24 to 25 and is one of the three most popular holidays in Japan. During the day, processions of townspeople in festive attire, carrying mikosi palanquins, move through the streets. And in the evening, a parade of brightly colored river ships begins on the river. The Japanese sitting in them sing old songs to the loud accompaniment of traditional Japanese drums. At this time, the sky above the city is illuminated with the lights of festive fireworks.


The local majestic Osaka Castle rises in the very center of the city. Its construction began in 1583 by order of the powerful ruler Toyotomi Hideyoshi and lasted for five years. The castle is almost entirely made of stone, this structure is the first Japanese structure of large-scale stone. 30 thousand people took part in its construction, huge stone blocks were brought here from different parts of Japan. From the original appearance of the building, only the main tower has survived, rising to 58 meters, from its top a breathtaking view of the city located below opens. There is also a museum that tells about the life and culture of the samurai era to tourists.

Shitenno-ji is one of the oldest Buddhist temples in the country, it was created by order of the prince Shotoku-taisi, who lived and ruled at the beginning of the 7th century. Every year on April 22, a big holiday is held in the temple, during which you can see the court dances and rituals of the Heian era, dating back to the period of the VIII-XII centuries - the heyday of the aristocratic culture of Japan.

Sumiyoshi-taisha Temple, located in the southern part of Osaka, is dedicated to the deities who are the patrons of fishermen and warriors. The temple is a building made of wood on thick piles, with crossed gable beams and gable roofs projecting forward. This building is one of the most famous and oldest Shinto shrines in the country.

The Museum of Oriental Porcelain has a unique exposition that includes masterpieces of ceramics brought from Korea, Japan itself and China.

Be sure to visit the Osaka Science Museum, home to the planetarium with the world's largest dome. This place will please both children and adults.

Tsutenkaku TV Tower with an observation deck allows everyone to explore the charming urban surroundings from a height of 130 meters.

In the vicinity of Osaka, the city of Nara is located, which is the oldest of the capitals of Japan and one of the centers of Japanese Buddhism ... The main attraction of Nara is the Todaiji temple complex, on the territory of which you can see the statue of Buddha Dainichi, created in the 8th century, which took 150 kilograms of gold and 437 kilograms of bronze to make. The Horyuji Temple, which appeared a century earlier, is recognized as the oldest wooden structure in the world. The temple is decorated with statues of Buddhas and other works of art. Nara Park is located on the eastern side of the city and is famous for the fact that deer roam completely fearlessly in its green meadows, considered inviolable and at the same time not afraid of people. Animals behave majestically, just like the owners of these places. They can be fed with cookies, which are sold near the entrance to the park.

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