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Great Britain Lake District

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ImageThe British christened the most popular national park and reserve in their country with the beautiful name of the Lake District. It is a very vast territory with beautiful mountains, spacious valleys and transparent lakes; it is not for nothing that the state has tried to preserve the wonderful natural resources by making the territory a protected area. Spread over 2,292 sq. km. park very close to the border between Britain and Scotland. From here the Cheviot Hills begin, clearly marking this border. The park is almost entirely located in the mountainous region of Cumbria, which is the highest in England (about 900 meters above sea level). In the same region, you can see the highest point in the country - Mount Skofel Pike. The wide lands of the reserve were formed by nature itself as a result of glaciation 15 thousand years ago. In addition to numerous common lakes, cold tarn lakes are also found in the highest regions. The hills are often covered with ferns and heather and are interspersed with oak and pine forests and sometimes swamps. The Lake District has a rich tourist history. As early as the end of the 18th century, these places began to attract fans of hiking and expeditions. A large role was played by the books written specially for these places by Father Thomas West's"Guide to the Lakes" and"Guide to the Lakes" by the famous poet William Wordsworth. Subsequently, a guide to the hilly land of lakes appeared, considering all the main tourist routes in the park. In the west of the reserve, you can find a number of viewing platforms, some of which are very ancient. For example, the remains of the once popular tourist station Kleive have survived to this day. With the construction of the railway in the Lake District, in addition to the steamboat transport that existed before, the influx of tourists here increased significantly. Well, with the advent of vehicles and a convenient highway in the east of the park, access here has become quite simple. There are several settlements in the park. The villages of Windermere and Bowness-on-Windermere on the shores of the reserve's largest lake are worth visiting. Interesting boat excursions are organized from here. The center of the entire excursion life of the park is located in the village of Brockhole. To the north lies the large and active community of Keswick with an interesting Pencil Museum. The cozy village of Ambleside with small hotels and cozy pubs is also very hospitable.

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Topic: Great Britain Lake District.Great Britain Lake District

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