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Information about the resort of Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba

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The main attraction of Santa Maria is the beaches, which are located mainly on the northern coast of the island and stretch almost the entire length of the island. Conventionally, bathing places can be divided into two types: comfortable beaches located opposite the hotels, as a rule, protected from wind and waves by mangroves and sand embankments (Melia las Danas, Barcelo, Sol Cayo Santa Maria) and"wild" beaches, the most famous of which is Playa Perja Blanca. Everyone can choose a place to relax in accordance with tastes and preferences: the disadvantages of the beaches assigned to hotels are the lack of a beautiful landscape and sea view, but here you can feel completely safe and not worry about children, but somewhere in a secluded bay, admiration for the opening views may well be interrupted by a storm, which you are unlikely to be warned in advance. In practice, remote beaches are often preferred by surfers, kiters and other outdoor enthusiasts, for whom a strong wind is more of a plus than a minus.

It should be noted that, without exception, the beaches of Santa Maria are public, which means that that you can swim for free at any of them, regardless of which institution you are staying at. A distinctive feature of the island's hotels is the indispensable availability of all-inclusive services in each of them, for example, you can use the services of numerous water clubs and centers for free, not to mention playgrounds, jacuzzi, bungalows, SPA-salons and other joys.

In 2009, a kind of entertainment complex was launched on Santa Maria, which is also the largest shopping center on the island - a village called"Star". Tourists from all over the island come here mainly to spend money on souvenirs, as well as spend time in a massage parlor, bar or bowling club. Those interested can attend Spanish or dance lessons and enjoy live music in numerous restaurants and cafes, most of which are open all night. In addition to Zvezdnaya, there is also a real fishing village on Santa Maria called Caibarien, open to all comers and giving a complete picture of the color of the Cuban folk settlement.

Travelers who decided that all local exoticism is limited to hotels and beaches, you should look not at the expanses of the Caribbean Sea, but at the island itself, most of which I occupy a very interesting virgin jungle to explore. The most convenient way to get around Santa Maria is by scooter or bicycle, as the island's sandy roads are winding and small. If you are lucky, you can see representatives of the colony of pink flamingos, which are rumored to live somewhere in the very center of the island. I must say that it is the jungle of Santa Maria, or rather a part of them equal to 13 km & sup2;, is entered in the UNESCO register, therefore, when traveling through the forest, you should be careful not to step on any rare animal or plant.

The Pedraplen Dam, which connects Santa Maria not only with the mainland, but also with the surrounding islets, is another place that is perfect for walking. Pedraplen is a truly grandiose structure, awarded the once famous international prize"Bridge of Alcantara".

Being on Santa Maria, it would be simply unforgivable not to visit the small island of Las Brujas, located just a few kilometers away (the same one where the airport is located). Las Brujas is famous for its annual carnival, considered the oldest in Cuba, held in the village of San Juan de los Remedios. The village itself was founded at the very beginning of the 16th century and is the eighth oldest Spanish settlement in all of Cuba. In addition to the unbridled fun and colors of the carnival, the village may be of interest for the well-preserved ruins of the 17th century.

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Topic: Information about the resort of Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba.Information about the resort of Cayo Santa Maria in Cuba

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