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Information about the Ak-Bulak resort in Kazakhstan

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Hotel Ak-Bulak

Recreation and tourism

The Ak-Bulak ski resort has five different slopes, suitable for both skiers and snowboarders, and a cable car leading to the top of the pass, with a total length of 3700 m. The length of the longest slope is about 5000 meters, and the slope – 55 degrees. One of the tracks – Baby Elevator – specially designed, as its name implies, for children and is the safest: it is very difficult to get hurt or injured here. In any case, no matter where in the resort misfortune befell you, the staff of the local medical service will always come to the rescue, who keep the situation under control regardless of the season or day. A special school operates at the ski stadium, the task of which is not only to educate tourists who have seen skis or snowboards for the first time, but also to rent the highest quality equipment necessary for full-fledged skiing: having arrived in Ak-Bulak, even professional athletes do not have to worry about the necessary equipment .

Not far from the slopes there is a stunningly beautiful pine forest, known for its salubrious air and is an ideal place for secluded walks. In summer, open-air concerts are often organized here, as well as (for a modest bribe, of course) parties, anniversaries, corporate parties and other festive events are held here. In winter, the slopes of the mountains become a place for extreme rides on snowmobiles and sleds, summer – on ATVs and mountain bikes. Fans of a more relaxing holiday in the summer can climb to the top of the gorge or simply go to the forest to pick mushrooms and berries.

 View of Mount Ak-Bulak

Not far away, about five minutes drive from Ak-Bulak, there is a large equestrian center called Tulpar. Tulpar is located in the Chubaragash tract, at the very foot of the mountains, and is surrounded by apple orchards and birch groves. The staff of the complex organizes horseback rides to the pass, to the Ile Alatau National Park and just along the foothills of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, which will surely please experienced riders. Vacationers and tourists, Those who have just recently met horses are offered simple short educational routes or walks with a break and a picnic, during which you can try kumis and learn more about horses and equestrian sports.

Another attraction of Ak-Bulak is ice- the Ak-Aydin concert complex, which is an ice arena that meets the strictest standards and is equipped with the latest technology, which allows it to host international-class competitions in such sports as hockey, figure skating and short track. It is interesting that, if necessary, the arena cover can be transformed into a site suitable for tennis, volleyball, gymnastics, boxing and even ballroom dancing competitions. In addition to changing rooms, showers, massage rooms and a gym Ak-Aydin has several conference rooms and spacious halls, which are usually in demand during major concerts, exhibitions and presentations in the main arena.

Hotel at the foot of the mountain

The hotel of the same name is the real symbol and face of the resort. Located against the backdrop of a beautiful mountain landscape, the building with a wide entrance resembles an old European hotel somewhere in the Carpathians with the only difference that Ak-Bulak immediately gives the impression of an ultramodern and expensive hotel. The main hotel building consists of 3 single rooms, 34 double single rooms and 12 double double rooms of the `` standard '' class, as well as 16 double rooms of the `` luxury '' class. The second building of the hotel is essentially a hotel with 19 standard rooms for 3-5 people and 6 `` suites ''. Prices, both for rooms and the corresponding service, as they say, `` bite '', so most vacationers prefer to come to Ak-Bulak in the middle of the week, when a system of discounts is in effect, making prices more democratic. Ak-Bulak has its own swimming pool, gyms, sauna, billiards and bowling on two lanes. In addition, the hotel has a restaurant `` Ak-Bulak Assorted '', a bar `` Snack '' and 'Terrace':

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Topic: Information about the Ak-Bulak resort in Kazakhstan.Information about the Ak-Bulak resort in Kazakhstan

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