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Durmitor. Recreation and entertainment

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Recreation and tourism

Durmitor has 12 ski slopes with a total length of 10 kilometers. The highest point of the resort is Bobotov-Kuk, the height of which reaches 2523 meters.

Everyone can choose the track that suits his level of skiing. There are sports tracks, tracks for beginners, tracks for children, as well as tracks for snowboard lovers. Some of the ski slopes are illuminated, which allows skiing in the evenings.

The longest and most popular ski slope of the Savin-Kuk resort has a length of 3500 meters. The top of the track is located at an altitude of 2213 meters. The track is equipped with two chair lifts and four drag lifts. There is a special elevator for children.

The second longest track in the resort is Stutz, its length reaches 2630 meters.

All hotels in the resort are located in the town of Zabljak, which is located on the slope of Durmitor. The city is located at an altitude of 1465 meters, being the highest settlement in the Balkans.

The ski season in the resort lasts from early December to mid-April.



On the Savin-Kuk mountain there is a Savin spring with healing water.

At the base of the Medyed-Kuk and Bobotov mountains there is a primeval forest. Here you can see the unique Black Lake, which consists of two lakes with a beautiful waterfall located between them. Montenegrins themselves call this place “the eyes of the mountains.”

Not far from the lake there are several glacial caves, where you can observe stalagmites and stalactites. The cave Skrk reaches a depth of 800 meters.


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Topic: Durmitor. Recreation and entertainment.Durmitor. Recreation and entertainment

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