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Harrachov. Recreation and entertainment

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The holiday season for ski holidays in Harrachov lasts from December to April.

Harrachov is distinguished by its picturesque nature, many ski routes are designed taking into account the visit of different mountain beauties. These include a trip to the Mumlava waterfall (3.5 km), to the headwaters of the Laba River (21.5 km) along marked trails.

Harrachov offers a comfortable ski vacation both for beginner skiers and snowboarders and professionals. In addition to tourist trails, the resort has tracks and jumps intended for international competitions.

At the resort you can stay in a hotel, of which there are more than 20, hostels, rent a house or settle at one of the campsites. 5 thousand guests can be accommodated in Harrachov at the same time. They are provided with restaurants, indoor pools, saunas and discos.


Possibilities of the ski resort

The ski area of the Harrachov resort is 650-1020 m, the total length of all trails reaches 10 km. The difference in elevation on the slopes is 370 m.

The most popular slopes in the resort are for beginners, there are 6 of them, intermediate-level slopes - 3, high-difficulty slopes - 1. Most of them have"snow cannons", so even in case of bad weather conditions, the ski slopes are ready to function as usual. One of the slopes has night lighting, which allows skiing at night.

The ski slopes of the resort are served by lifts, there are 12 of them 10 drag tows (a special tug uphill) and 2 chairlifts. The capacity of the ski lifts is designed for 6,500 people per hour.

The resort has cross-country ski runs, their length is 65 km. The slopes of the Devil's Mountain are famous for ski jumps, there are 5 of them, one of them is among the highest ski jumps in the world.

In addition to skiing, here you can try yourself as a skater, ride a paragliding (paragliding) and horseback ride, visit a glass museum dedicated to glass-blowing production, founded here in the 17th century.

Beginning athletes and children can visit one of 5 ski schools, in the absence of their own ski equipment, you can rent it here.

The Harrachov resort is suitable both for a cozy family holiday, and for athletes, skiers and snowboarders different levels of training.

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