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Aspen. Recreation and entertainment

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Aspen offers tourists four ski areas isolated from each   Together they make up about 200   km of ski slopes for athletes of various skill levels.

Main regions:
  • Aspen Mountain   - located in the very center of the city. The highest skiing point is located at   3   418   meters. On the   slope there are 76   ski slopes, tourists are served by 8   lifts. Most of the local slopes are steep, steep, with   snowy hillocks, some are laid in the middle of the forest. Holidays here will appeal to ski professionals and   people of average skill level.
  • Snowmass   - the largest skiing region, which has placed on its territory 83   tracks with a total length of 220   km. Their   is served by 21   lifts. The starting point for skiing is at   an altitude of 3813   meters, the height difference   - 1343   meters. This slope is more suitable for self-confident skiers, more than 70% of the slopes have an average difficulty of passing. Here is the   longest track of the resort, its   length is 8.2   km. There are two halfpipes and a   fan park in   Snowmass.
  • Aspen Highlands. It   will become a favorite place for athletes who prefer off-piste skiing, and   professionals. The tracks are difficult and steep. Skiing starts from     3559   meters, height difference   - 1108   meters. The region has placed on   its territory 131   slopes, their total length is 105   km.
  • Buttermilk   - an ideal area for beginner skiers, it will be comfortable even for children ... The slopes here are smooth and   gentle. For tourists, 43   tracks are equipped, their   total length   - 34   km. The height difference is 619   meters, you can start skiing from the highest point of the region, located at   3018 meters above sea level. For snowboarders, a fan park has been created that stretches for   2   miles. Resting in Buttermilk, be careful. The trails marked in black are just the most difficult of the   easy in this region.

All resort areas have a single ski pass, and a free bus runs between the slopes. For lovers of cross-country skiing, 80   km of trails in   Snowmass are prepared.


After skiing

In addition to skiing, Aspen offers tourists a ride on   snowmobiles, walk along   snow-covered trails on   snowshoes, or visit a ice rink. Under the guidance of professional instructors, you       backcountry, ski touring, ice climbing and   ski mountaineering will try your hand. But   the best entertainment of the resort is an excursion to   Krabloonik kennel on   dog sleds. About 40   art galleries are open to the public.

You can relax in the   evening time in   one of   numerous cafes and   restaurants. On the   territory of the resort there is a sports center with   pool, hockey rink and   wall for rock climbing.


Of the   attractions of the resort, it is worth visiting a place called Glenwood - Springs. Once upon a time the Indians of the   Ut tribe lived here, today a balneological resort with   thermal springs has been opened on its territory.

Walking along the   outskirts of Aspen, take a look at   White River Nature Reserve and   Enjoy scenic views of   Glenwood Canyon. Here   is Lake Maroon.


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Topic: Aspen. Recreation and entertainment.Aspen. Recreation and entertainment

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