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Information about Koggala resort in Sri Lanka

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Kogalla is known to tourists all over the world as a kind of"beach paradise": long strips of fine golden sand, stretching along the shores overgrown with lush equatorial vegetation, washed by the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, will not leave indifferent even for the most discerning beach lovers. Once Kogalla existed at the expense of several factories, but not so long ago, production was reduced, and the city turned towards the development of recreational resources, and so zealously that in a few years, buildings of luxurious five-star hotels appeared on the coast like from the ground, many of which soon closed, unable to withstand strong competition.

In addition to the traditional beach holiday, To which there are many cafes and restaurants on the beaches for every taste and pocket, as well as swimming places equipped with all possible amenities, Kogalla is rightfully considered an ideal place for active recreation. Water skiing, windsurfing, kiting, sailing, diving, snorkelling are just an incomplete list of activities available in Kogall. On the territory of the hotels there are golf courses, tennis and volleyball courts. Numerous diving centers open their doors to amateurs and beginners from October to March, in addition, excursions to nearby coral reefs of stunning beauty are organized, giving a complete picture of the rich, vibrant and unusual underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

In addition beaches, the resort has another natural attraction - Lake Kogalla, located a short distance from the coast. During World War II, the lake served as a water airport and an important point where aircraft were refueled on the way to Australia, but now the owners of Kogalla are fishermen and crocodiles. One of the largest reservoirs in Sri Lanka is famous for its turquoise shade of water and untouched ecology: walks on Lake Kogalla can be done by boat or catamaran.

Small rocky islets covered with dense mangroves protrude from the water surface here and there ... The three largest islands, Temple, Ananda and Kinnamon, are extremely popular with tourists. On the first one there is an ancient Buddhist temple, which is still in use, but the entrance to it is possible only by prior agreement. The second island is also known as"the island of spices": indeed, Here, many varieties and species of rare spicy plants grow in abundance, from which healing ointments, infusions and even herbal wine are also made here. The third island is known for its cinnamon plantations, which are an unforgettable sight.

Not far from Kogalla there is a very remarkable place - the town of Pollonaruwa. Once, in time immemorial, the capital of the Sinhalese state was located here, but now Pollonaruwa is the abode of wild monkeys. The best preserved ancient temple of Watadge, whose majestic ruins will not leave indifferent any history buff. In the northern part of Pollunaruwa, it is worth seeing three giant Buddha statues, carved right into the rock.

Travelers, Those who are thirsty for an educational holiday or simply decided to learn more about the history of Kogalla should visit the Museum of Folklore Art named after the famous Sri Lankan writer with a difficult to pronounce name Martin Vikramasinghe. The museum contains an impressive collection of household items and works of art of folk craftsmen and indigenous people of Kogalla.

Ceylon tea, jewelry and traditional figurines made of bone and wood, decorated with rubies, topaz or sapphires, are usually brought from Kogalla as souvenirs.

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Topic: Information about Koggala resort in Sri Lanka.Information about Koggala resort in Sri Lanka

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