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History Museum in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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The Jakarta Historical Museum is located in a mansion that once which served as the administration building of the East India Company. This mansion was built in the early 18th century as the residence of the local governor-general van Riebik. In addition, the building also served as a city prison: in the dungeons contained mainly Dutch bandits and speculators, pirates, and also local residents who risked encroaching on the power of the colonists. Jail Jakarta has seen many famous revolutionaries over the years, for example, for some time the future national hero Prince Diponegoro was kept here, and also Untung Suropati - a legendary personality, a slave who escaped from a dungeon and founded his own independent state right under the noses of the Dutch.

The decision to establish a historical museum in an old mansion was adopted in May 1974, the government reacted to the formation of collections extremely serious: a group of historians began to look for all kinds of artifacts, which, fortunately, were not lacking. Museum business was then for Indonesia a new and unknown business: many future valuable exhibits only had to be found. Today the collection of the Historical Museum has more than twenty-three thousand exhibits, many of which are unique. The exhibitions cover a huge period from ancient times to late 19th century. A special place in the museum is given to the colonial period in history Indonesia: the history of the interaction of two cultures can be traced back to the first contacts of the Portuguese with the natives before the approval of Indonesia in the status sovereign state. You can describe the wealth of the Historical Museum endlessly: a collection of paintings by local artists, detailed models Dutch and British ships, sculptures-idols of ancient tribes, the most valuable manuscripts and evidence of historical events - this is just a short list of what what can surprise the museum. The exclusive collection deserves special mention authentic Dutch furniture of the 17-18 centuries: painstakingly recreated interiors offices, dining rooms, meeting rooms amaze with baroque luxury and immerse observing in the indescribable atmosphere of antiquity.
Today the Historical Museum is one of the most famous in the city. Its employees conduct an active educational, scientific and tourist activities. A research center and collection of tourist information, in which you can find out the most complete information about the most important places in the cultural life of Indonesia. ImageImageImageImage

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Topic: History Museum in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort.History Museum in Indonesia, Jakarta Resort

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